We offer an easy introduction to games so the fun can be experienced straight away!

Roulette – Place your bets and then watch the spin of the wheel to see the winning number!
Blackjack – Play against the dealer, trying to achieve that all important total of 21!

Use the gaming tables in conjunction to props to create a special themed nite.

So, how does it all work?
It takes approximately 30-45 minutes for set-up.
We will send you the fun money prior to the occasion so you can distribute it to your guests.
On the nite your guests can exchange their fun money for chips and so the fun begins! The guests will have 3 hours of gaming fun and at the end of this time, if you wish, the guest with the most casino chips can be given a prize.

Please note, the fun casino is purely for entertainment, and therefore no license is required, however, you may if you wish present non-cash prizes to the ‘Top Winners’ of the evening.

Examples of prizes are certificates, trophies, bottles of champagne or medals, the choice is yours.