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The UK authorities continue to tackle the negative impact of gambling on its citizens. From April 2020, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) will ban the use of credit cards for gambling. Why is it necessary?

UK-based Survation conducted a study to define the influence of the coronavirus epidemic on online gambling. A study of 1,010 people produced the following results:

538 people play online casinos, predominantly slots.64% of players visit online casinos at least once a week and spend as much time gambling as before or more due to quarantine.41% of regular players have registered an account at new online establishments.34% of players say that they have started spending more money on gambling or feel that they are developing a gambling addiction.

Having analyzed these dynamics, the UK government has instructed all major market players to take strict measures to prevent users from developing a gambling dependence during the quarantine time. Against this background, the UK Betting and Gambling Council, which includes 90% of the country’s providers, has voluntarily stopped advertising its services on television and radio until June 2020.

The UK gambling industry has been developing for more than 10 years. In 2005, the Gambling Act was passed by a joint effort between the gambling industry and lawmakers. The document regulates all possible types of gambling activities, including lotteries, sweepstakes, casinos, slots machines, and many others.

The United States Gambling Commission was established on September 1, 2007. It takes time to develop all the rules and criteria for entrepreneurs wishing to set up a gambling market in the US. In spite of new regulations, operations are running efficiently and protecting user rights is still an ongoing challenge because of the nature of gambling.

UK Casinos have been legally obligated to subscribe to the GAMCONSTOP program. They have got a fair and safe status, but that doesn’t mean establishments from other jurisdictions are any less reliable when it occurs to third-party casino experiences. These establishments use high levels of security means and their products also undergo rigorous testing

If you live abroad and desire to gamble in a casino that is licensed by the Commission, be sure to investigate if they are open in your country. Different countries have different licensing procedures and propose incentives for players – including no deposit bonuses or fast verification processes.

List Of The Top Casinos Not On Gamstop

In 2020, discussions about gambling problems began in the UK. This conversation was started following a study submitting that of British adults over 2.4% had control issues regarding wagering in some capacity. The UKGC has consequently decided to introduce new measures that would make the practice of online slots less intense, thereby decreasing the incidence of addiction to gambling in the UK.

These restrictions have caused many Britons to seek out casinos other than Gamstop for players from Great Britain. These varieties offer fewer restrictions on internet casino sites and as such are more popular with web surfers from this country seeking better gaming experiences.

New Casinos Not On Gamstop

List of casinos not on Gamstop:

  • Pyramid Spins.
  • PlayZax.
  • Captain Marlin.
  • Agent No Wager.
  • Casino Alpha.
  • Anonym Bet.

The best online site will be based on your individual preferences. This indicates that you need to first know what you’re looking for and then you can find a site that offers just that. For this, it can be said the best option is BetFlip. This site offers great benefits, perks and deserves respect.

Online casinos without document verification are secure. They still use SSL encryption and they have the appropriate license. Thanks to all this, no security issues are there. Remember that (you should) gamble at casinos with a good reputation. The ones we mentioned above are entirely legitimate online casinos that present the most perks, best games, and bonuses are given their rating.

Type of Sites not Registered with Gamstop

You can play games in other new UK casinos not on Gamstop than online casinos with verifying. These are numerous casinos not on Gamstop this year:

–  Online Casinos

–  Betting Sites

–  eSports Betting Sites

–  Slot Sites

Advantages of Non-Gamstop UK Casinos

The advantages of non Gamstop casinos are that they allow credit cards, do not have spin timers, boast bonus-rich loyalty schemes and still allow automatic/turbo play features. They also contain games unavailable on UKGC platforms.

There are both benefits and disadvantages to exclusion from casinos. GamStop can only exclude gamblers from non GamStop casinos affiliated establishments for at least six months, so if you want to temporarily take a break from all casinos for justseveral weeks, GamStop will not be able to assist you with that. In order for someone to be banned by GamStop this long it needs to originally have been agreed upon for at least six months, or else an additional twelve-month exclusion is enforced after the original period has ended followed by a five-year ban on returning.

Offshore casinos offer a safe, convenient gaming option for vacationers. You can avoid gambling dependence by self-excluding from online casinos using GamStop database controls. For gamblers searching for the thrill of roulette and slots on mobile devices, more restrictions are necessary.

Other restrictions for gambling operators

Severe limitations on the gambling industry have been implemented in the UK since 2014. At that time, very clear anti-money laundering guidelines were formed. Already in 2018, rules were adopted that dealt with the operation of fixed betting terminals FOBTs – the law set an upper limit on the possible betting. Since the beginning of April 2019, the tax on online gambling has increased by 6%.

Last year, ministers from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport held formal meetings with bankers and gambling operators. They discussed how businesses in England could use new technology and user data to stop the spread of risky gambling and the development of gambling dependence in the general public. This included a discussion about banning credit cards.

Most major banks in the country have long been implementing measures that allow customers to ban gambling-related transactions. This can be performed through mobile apps. Government executives have also secured pledges from leading UK gambling executives and received £100 million to treat problem gamblers.